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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Beau Geste Yorkshire Terriers
    Photos of their puppies and champion adults. Lynn, MA.
  • Bejaze Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder and exhibitor with photos and growth of a puppy. Links and memorial page. CA.
  • Blumoon Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder of Yorkshire Terrier show dogs. Health and buyer beware info, and photos of Yorkies. Missouri.
  • Bonsai Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with photos and pedigrees of home bred Italian and European champions. Italy.
  • Braecliff Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder/Exhibitor has pictures. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Brolea Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder has pictures and pedigrees of show dogs. Located in Africa.
  • Chotlada Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder and exibitor has photos, pedigrees, links. Thailand.
  • Ddelle Stelle Lucenti
    Breeder and exibitor has pictures and pedigrees. Italy.
  • DeCoca Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder of has pictures and information on showing and breeding. Located in VA.
  • Decoris Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with photos of dogs. Located Europe.
  • Divine Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with pictures and links. Morgantown, WV.
  • Dolce Sinfonia
    Champion Yorkshire Terriers with links for jewelry, fashion and collection. CA.
  • Fabulous Yorkshire Terrier
    Breeder has pictures. Located in Germany.
  • French FanciesYorkshire Terriers
    Breeder has pictues of dogs. Located in France.
  • Garisdene Kennel
    Breeds and shows Yorkshire Terriers, Laekenois, and the Swedish Lapphund. Provides pictures, breed standards, origin of kennel, and puppy information. [Slovenia]
  • Gumwood Kennel
    Breeder has pictures of dogs. Contact details. Located in TX.
  • Joarcam Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder has photos and pedigrees of dogs and club information. Alberta, Canada.
  • Jo-Nel Yorkshire Terriers
    Photos, and information about her champions. Kokomo, IN.
  • Jo-San Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder/exhibitor has pictures of champions and other informational links. Located in Iowa.
  • Kamegko Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with photos of dogs and links. Located in NC.
  • Kingsley Yorkies
    Breeder has pictures, pedigrees, about the kennel. NY.
  • Linje Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder has pictues of dogs. Located in Tx.
  • Noelles Yorkshire Terriers
    Pictures and links. Ga.
  • Ojibwa Yorkies
    Breeder with photos of dogs and links for FAQs and general information. MI.
  • Pigot
    Breeder with photos of dogs. Italy.
  • Polanerduin Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder has photos, pedigrees, links. Netherlands.
  • Ponderosa Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with photos and pedigrees, and other links. Located in Hickory, NC.
  • Rhapsody Yorkshire Terriers
    Yorkie breeder and exhibitor with information from breeding to grooming. You can even send out musical postcards featuring Yorkies. MI.
  • Sagebrooke Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with pictures. Located in Iowa.
  • Squirrel Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder/exhibitor has pictures, standard, links. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • TinyTreasure Yorkshire Terriers
    Champion sired puppies with photos. BC, Canada.
  • TipTop Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder of Yorkies with pictures and breed information. Located in GA.
  • Vassar Square Yorkshire Terriers
    Breeder with pictures and other information. Memorials links, and creations by Terri. CA.
  • Whispering Loves Kennel
    Breeder has photos, pedigrees, standard and links. Located in Holland.

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