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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Agility and the Shih Tzu
    Informative stop for the small agility dog owner. Details of training, equipment, clubs and news. Also lists details of the various awards that can be won.
  • Shih Tzu Lovers Corner
    Singapore based site containing breed history, standards, characteristics, forum, and links.
  • Shih Tzu News UK
    News and articles from the UK on a wide variety of topics. Show results with photographs and video clips. Also live online help for your Shih Tzu problems.
  • Abbey Lane Shih Tzu
    Showing and breeding shih tzu in North Carolina.
  • Audrey's Paradise Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in Belgium, Europe. Photos of champions, puppies and other information available.
  • Bai Kun Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in Russia.
  • Bar-Lar Shih Tzu
    Lots of photos of their dogs for you to look at here.
  • Blue Moon Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in Oregon, pictures to see and other information.
  • Bohemia Acro Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in the Czech Republic. Lots of photos to see with an always updated News page.
  • Cheina Doll's shih-tzu's
    Based in Belgium but available in Dutch and English, this site contains lots of photos of their dogs and puppies.
  • Falling Star Shih Tzu
    Showing in the midwest in the USA. Photos to see and puppy availability.
  • Fantasia Shih Tzu
    Shih Tzu Show Kennel located in Davao City, Philippines. Pictures of our show dogs, and show news!
  • Hallmark Jolei
    News, pictures and information about the best-in-show winning Shih Tzu that we breed, handle and show.
  • Harper Haven Shih Tzu, Toy Breed
    Shih Tzu breeder in Oregon photos of champions to see.
  • Hearty Shih tzu.
    Shih Tzu breeder in Thailand, lots of photos to see.
  • Jardhu Shih Tzu
    UK show kennel, home of the UK breed record holder Ch Jardhu The Republican.
  • Kelta Shih Tzu
    Kelta Shih Tzu, a small breeder located in Brampton, Ontario. Lots of photos!
  • Kennel Fossella
    Breeder of Shih Tzu's with photos and pedigrees. Located in Scania, Sweden.Available in Swedish and English.
  • Kissaki Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in South Africa, photos and information, available.
  • Lashalimar Shih Tzu
    Canadian breeder and exhibitor. Site contains latest show news and lots of photos of the dogs.
  • Lotus Shih Tzu
    Canadian Shih Tzu show breeders. Pictures and pedigrees.
  • Majesty's Shih tzu
    Showing and breeding shih tzu in Indonesia, lots of photos and news pages always updated.
  • Martha's Shih Tzu
    Showing shih tzu in NC, photos of their shih tzu and litter announcement.
  • MarTu Shih Tzu
    Showing and breeding shih tzu in Va. Lots of photos to see.
  • Misty Dajavue Shih-Tzu
    Located in USA small home based show breeder. Lots of photos to see.
  • Moonglow Shih Tzu
    Home of Top Winning Shih Tzu in Canada, lots of photos for you to see.
  • Morgan's Shih Tzu
    Quality AKC shih-tzu since 1986. Here you will find several exquisite galleries of our AKC shih tzus, including photographs of our latest litters and champions.
  • Mr Foo's Shih tzu
    Show person in USA, photos and puppies to see.
  • Obsession Shih Tzu
    Showing and breeding shih tzu in USA!
  • OKAYC Shih Tzu
    Breeder owner handler in the atlanta Ga area. Specializing in CKCS and Shih Tzu. Pictures, info and links
  • Olive's Grove Shih Tzu
    Photos of show and agility dogs. Memorial page.
  • Pia-Bardo Shih Tzu
    Croatian Shih Tzu breeder. Site contains lots of photos, news and information, in English and Croatian.
  • Praetorian Shih Tzu Show Dogs
    Showing and breeding Shih tzu in USA. Photos of champions and puppies.
  • Prime Moon Shih Tzu
    Show kennel located in Brazil.Photos and pedigrees of their dogs.
  • Rainwater Kennel
    Showing shih tzu in the Philippines. Also sells shampoo for shih tzu, etc.
  • Royal Manor Shih Tzu
    Photographs,pedigrees and information on their dogs.Free shih tzu snowglobes.
  • SarJan's Shih Tzu
    Shih tzu breeders, dedicated to raising and showing healthy correct shih tzu. Pictures of dogs at shows and at home.
  • Septimo Shih Tzu
    Canadian breeder in British Columbia, photos of his shih tzu to see.
  • Shansuko Shih Tzu
    (Shan-sue-m'koe) Home of Shansuko Shih Tzu and Shansuma Arabians
  • Sher-Den Shih Tzu
    Breeder and exhibitor. Lots of photographs of their dogs.
  • Silk Road Shih Tzu
    Breeder of Shih Tzu in the USA. Lots of photos to see.
  • Spunku Shih Tzu
    Show person of shih tzu living in WI, USA! Photos of champions and other information available.
  • Sunnyhill Shih Tzu
    Showing and breeding shih tzu in the USA. Lots of photos to see, information on how to raise a puppy. Also a heartbreaking story about a pet store puppy.
  • Tai-Lan Champion Shih Tzu's
    Pictorial showcase of their show and breeding dogs.
  • Tojo shih tzu
    Photos of shih tzu owned by Tojo, in USA! Home of Tojo Midnight Max.
  • Wafer Shih Tzu
    A small select AKC breeder near San Francisco, California. Many photos and pedigrees of their champion dogs and puppies. Current breed information and advice offered.
  • Ying Shih Tzu
    Small home based kennel in Ontario, Canada. 15 years of owning, breeding, and loving Shih Tzu.

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