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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Samoyed
Samoyed Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Desert Samoyeds
    Photo album of two fun loving samoyeds.
  • Evenstar Samoyeds
    Stories of working samoyeds. Includes breed overview, photographs, links, downloads, guest book, and web rings.
  • Samfans
    E-mail list for discussion of the samoyed. Includes history of the breed and links to national samoyed rescue.
  • Samoyed Dog
    Homepage for Samoyeds, including the Samoyed Club of America, the Organization for the Working Samoyeds, and breed rescue.
  • Samoyed Web Ring
    Information about joining the Samoyed Ring, a collection of sites about the samoyed.
  • Angel Ayona Samoyed
    A Samoyed kennel located in Moscow, Russia. Pages in Russian and English.
  • Annecy Samoyeds
    UK breeder since 1952. Includes photos, history, and show results.
  • Barron's Samoyeds
    Breeder located in St. Louis, Missouri. Introduction to their dogs, pictures and litter information.
  • Bluestorm Samoyeds
    Breeder of Samoyeds for pets, showing and activities. Located in Alberta, Canada.
  • Cessibon's Kennel
    Small kennel located in Odensbacken, Sweden. Photographs, pedigrees, and show results.
  • Dasha Samoyeds
    A small kennel located in Northern Ontario, dedicated to the Samoyed breed since 1984.
  • Dynasty Samoyeds
    Samoyed breeder in Texas. Articles on grooming, medical, and crate training.
  • Echo Samoyeds
    Breeding champion, show, and companion dogs since 1990. OFA, and CERF. WV.
  • Ej Samoyeds
    Breeder located in Ladd, Illinois. Pictures of Samoyeds and pedigrees, along with breeder information.
  • Foxburrow Kennels
    Breeder in Canby, Oregon, just south of Portland.
  • Hawkwind Samoyeds
    Kennel located in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Information about their breeding philosophy, breed history and news.
  • Hobby Horse Farm Samoyeds
    Kennel located in Wadsworth, Ohio. Breeding plan for showing and obedience, news and photo gallery.
  • HollySams
    Samoyed breeder and competition dogs, located in Camarillo, California. News about shows and pictures gallery.
  • Iciveitican Samoyeds
    Breeders from Finland. Contains information about their showing and working dogs, pedigrees and pictures.
  • Kalaska Samoyeds
    Breeders located in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Information of their dogs, photo gallery, show results and puppies.
  • Misty Mountain Samoyeds
    Breeders located in Vestal, New York. Males, females and puppys photo gallery and breeding activities.
  • Monalyto
    Breeder located in Australia.
  • Moonlighter Samoyeds
    Breeder located in Plymouth, Wiscosin. Kennel and activity history and breeding program.
  • Nikita
    Breeder of Samoyed, located in Saint Eugène de Grantham, Quebec, Canada. Breeding plan, dogs and litters information.
  • Of Nordic Spirit
    Samoyeds and Yakutian Husky breeders, located in Nordfriesland, Germany. Breed´s history, pictures and mushing.
  • Pyles of Smiles
    Breeder presenting his dogs with pictures and pedigrees, located in California.
  • Regal Kennels
    Samoyed and Shiba Inu breeder located in Michigan. Information about breeding program and picture gallery.
  • Samoyeds of Avalanche
    Breeder located in Arkansas. Images of working and playing dogs, and showing presentations.
  • Severnaya Samoyeds
    Samoyed breeder, located in Springfield, Virginia.
  • Shadow-Wood Samoyeds
    Information about the Samoyed breed, dog obedience and kennel. Links. VA.
  • Smiliesam Samoyeds and German Spitz
    A historical (or hysterical) photo album combined with thoughts about my dogs and dog showing in general. It includes a look at the past and plans for the future.
  • Snowallen Samoyeds and Alaskan Malamutes
    Breeder of Samoyeds and Malamutes in S.Wales, UK.
  • Snowbastian Samoyeds
    Breeder with photos of dogs. Located in Manitoba, Canada.
  • Snowfire Samoyeds
    Canadian breeder. All dogs are OFA and CERF cerified. Puppies raised in home.
  • Snowstar Reg'd Samoyeds
    All breeding dogs Canadian Champions, ofa'd/ovc'd clear, eyes certified, and thyroid normal. Pictures, pedigrees, and Samoyeds enjoying agility. Prince Edward Island, Canada.
  • Solid Gold Samoyeds
    Kennel of Samoyeds and Pomeranias located in Grand Haven, Michigan. Breeding, showing and working activities, introduction and photos of their dogs.
  • SunTrip Samoyeds
    Information on our dogs and fun things to do with your Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute or other breed.
  • Vanderbilt Samoyeds
    Kennel located in Ontario, Canada. Information about their activities, dogs profiles and news.
  • White Magic Samoyeds
    Samoyed breeder, owner, handler. Pictures and information about our dogs and breeding program.

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