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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Rottweiler
Rottweiler Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Der Rottweiler
    History of the breed and standards for various countries, training and care tips, and a weekly photograph.
  • R-CK Kennels
    A non-breeding kennel dedicated to breed education and Rottweiler rescue with puppy pictures, unique articles, and health information.
    Online resource for owners offering health and training tips and answering frequently asked questions.
  • Rottweb Magazine
    Online magazine for Rottweiler enthusiasts.
  • The Rottweiler Chronicle
    An on-line publication about the breed.
  • The Rottweiler Magazine
    Dedicated to the breed enthusiast. Interviews, breed news, health tips, and litter listings.
  • Rottweiler Online
    German magazine features regular updates, show results, a puppy section, classifieds, dogs for adoption, and a monthly poll. [English/German]
  • Rottweiler UK
    Helpful tips for owners focusing on health issues.
  • Rottweilers Reign Supreme
    Newsletter, rescue, breed bans, K-9 Koolers, K-9 Sulkies, and merchandise.
  • Volsung Rottweilers
    Care tips, how to choose a dog, breed history and standard, and forums.
  • Jeonwal
    Pictures, breed standard, pedigrees, show news, and litter announcements. New Delhi, India.
  • Rottville
    News, pictures, pedigrees, breed history, and standard. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Tverskoy Legion
    News, photograph gallery, and kennel history. Tver, Russia.
  • Vom Dreilandereck
    Presents their dogs in Germany and the United States with pictures, pedigrees, and memorials.
  • Vom Pakmm Rottweiler
    Photographs of their dogs and contact information. Guadalupe, Nuevo León, México.
  • Vom Schwarzen Riesen
    Rottweiler kennel in Switzerland presenting their dogs.
  • Artig
    Photographs, kennel history, and pictures of past and present dogs. Scotland.
  • Bergmann
    Kennel history and pictures and show news of dogs past and present.
  • Duntarvie
    News, pictures, and breeding plans.
  • Gouldryck
    Raising dogs for conformation and work. Photographs, pedigrees, and show critiques.
  • HawkAngel
    Raising dogs for work and companionship. Kennel history, pictures, and pedigrees. Rochdale.
  • Jacraila
    Photographs, pedigrees, and links. Glasgow.
  • Jantavia
    Kennel history, news, photographs, health articles, and a suggested reading list. Scotland.
  • Jordancourt
    Photographs and news.
  • Juffther
    Raising dogs for show. Kennel history, pictures, and show results.
  • Mazzaras
    Breed standard and history, kennel background, pictures, and memorials.
  • Oakprides
    Breeder of home-raised therapy dogs. Photographs, breed standard, and links.
  • Rottview
    Pictures, kennel history, chatroom and links.
  • Saint Lythans
    Litter announcements and kennel information. Wales.
  • Travillon
    Raising dogs for show. Photographs, pedigrees, and show results.
  • Tysar
    Photographs, show results, and breed standard.

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