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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback Pedigree Search
    Full or partial names can be entered.
  • The Ridgeback Register
    Subscription details and article highlights from a magazine published five times a year.
  • Acerridge
    Breeding for temperament, health and movement. Mission statement, breed history and photographs of past and current dogs. Middleboro, Massachusetts.
  • Aenzi
    Breeding for show and coursing. Pedigrees, news and photographs of dogs and puppies. Oak Park Heights, Minnesota.
  • Arrowridge
    Photograph album, breed characteristics and code of ethics. Richmond, California.
  • Bundu
    Includes photos, pedigrees and descriptions of sires, dams and litters. Northern California, USA.
  • Camelot
    Kennel history, photographs, health record forms and show results. Martinez, California.
  • Imbuka
    Breed information, show accomplishments, pedigrees and photographs. Oregon.
  • In The Woods
    Kennel history, breed information, show results, photographs and litter details. Yukon, Oklahoma.
  • Jabulani
    Kennel history, photograph album, a list of household items that can be dangerous for dogs, and breed history and characteristics. Lindstrom, Minnesota.
  • Jakona
    Breeding for the hunt, the showring, or just the couch. Photographs of dogs and puppies, breeding schedule and news. Tampa Bay, Florida.
  • Juba Lee
    Photographs, kennel history, breed information and litter announcements. Roanoke, Texas.
  • Kengali
    Kennel history, litter announcements and photos. Plant City, Florida.
  • Lamington House
    Breeding for conformation, lure coursing and obedience. Information, general breed history and characteristics. Willington, Connecticut.
  • Lion Hounds
    Photographs and pedigrees of past and present adults and puppies, as well as health, nutrition and breed information. Burleson, Texas.
  • Pawpatch
    Kennel history, litter information, photographs and details of current dogs. Palestine, Texas.
  • Rajataru
    Photographs, pedigree and puppy information. United States.
  • Ramnes
    Kennel history, show and agility results, photographs and breeding plans. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Rindurr
    Information about the breed, their stud and breeding dogs, puppies and accomplishments. Canada
  • Riveroads
    Photographs, show results, litter information, breeder network and breed history. Woodlawn, Illinois.
  • Ruya
    Photographs, pedigrees and show results. Mesa, Arizona.
  • Sengei
    Photographs, puppy and breed information, tributes and illustrated pedigrees. Cary, North Carolina.
  • Serengeti
    Breeding for show and family pets. Puppy information, photographs and pedigrees. Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Sierra Ridge
    Kennel history, show successes, photographs and litter information. Brentwood, California.
  • Sulawesi
    Kennel history, accomplishments, litter announcements and photographs. Lawrenceville, Georgia.
  • Trueblood
    Breed description, photographs and details of puppies. Missouri, USA.
  • Whirlaway
    Breeding for strength and agility. Photographs, breeding plans, puppy details and show results. Mt Joy, Pennsylvania.
  • Heshima Ya Kimba
    Breeding program, news and show results with photographs of adults and progeny. Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
  • Karoskloof
    Photographs, kennel history, pedigrees and information about planned litters. South Africa.

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