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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Pomeranian
Pomeranian Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Grimms
    Photographs and breeding plans.
  • Le Bois de Moque-Souris
    Newsletter, photograph galleries, video clip, and litter announcements. France. [French and English].
  • Mabin's
    Pictures and pedigrees.
  • Arcadians
    Breeder of exotic colored dogs especially merles. Photographs and a slideshow. Loon Lake, Washington.
  • Atlantis
    Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs. Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • Beau James
    Specializing in exotic colors. Photographs, pedigrees, and frequently asked questions. Ohio.
  • Beaver Creek
    Specializing in exotic colors. Photographs, news, and links. Oregon.
  • Bi-Mar
    Breeder and exhibitor of show dogs. Photographs and kennel history. Washington.
  • C and J
    Show pictures and testimonials. Kansas.
  • Castile
    Raising dogs for show and pets. Pictures and litter announcements. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Chelanes
    Specializes in parti and partigened dogs in a variety of colors. Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Ohio
  • Chrystar
    Breed description, photographs, and litter announcements. San Luis Obispo, California.
  • CJM's House
    Breeder of parti-colored and exotic colored dogs. Photographs, testimonials, pedigrees, and tips for new owners. Castle Rock, Washington.
  • Creiders
    Pictures and pedigrees. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • DeJay
    Kennel history, pictures, and litter announcements. Michigan.
  • Doggievilla
    Photographs and pedigrees. Ashland City, Tennessee.
  • DreamWeaver
    Pictures, list of shows won, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Based in Texas and Michigan.
  • Exotic
    Breeding exotic colors. Photographs, pedigrees, and contact information. Briar, Missouri.
  • Finch's
    Producing parti and other colored dogs for show. Photographs of her dogs and kennel and pedigrees. Kelley, Iowa.
  • FoxxLane
    Photographs, pedigrees, and links. California.
  • Great River
    Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs. Long Island, New York.
  • Haltson
    Photographs and pedigrees. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Her Majesty's
    Raising dogs for show and companions. Photographs, litter announcements, and a buyer's contract. Cleveland, Tennessee.
  • Island
    Producing dogs for show and companionship. Pictures, pedigrees, show updates, and litter announcements. Whidbey Island, Washington.
  • Jan-Shar
    Pictures and pedigrees. Renick, West Virginia.
  • Jazi
    Small show kennel in East Texas. Pictures of their dogs, litter announcements, and information on how they raise their dogs.
  • JDz
    Pictures and litter announcements. Orlando, Florida
  • Lim's
    Photographs, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Luvable
    Pictures, pedigrees, questionnaire for potential buyers, breeding plans, and show photographs. Tracy, California.
  • Lydon
    Producing dogs for show in conformation and obedience as well as pets. Photographs, pedigrees, show results, and litter announcements. Springfield, Oregon.
  • Lyn's
    Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Gilmer, Texas.
  • Northwest Showcase
    Raising dogs for show or pets. Pictures, pedigrees, information on rescued dogs available for adoption, and breeding schedule. Oregon.
  • Oceanside
    Pictures and training tips. Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
  • P-Dilly's
    Photographs and breeding plans. Hopkinsville, Kentucky.
  • Peeping Pom
    Show pictures and litter announcements. Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Pomantics
    Frequently asked questions, kennel history, photographs, and litter announcements. Alabama.
  • Pombreden
    Specializing in exotic colored dogs. Shows photographs and kennel history.
  • Pom-Derosa
    Breeding standard and exotic colors. Photographs and pedigrees available. Dixon, Kentucky.
  • Pominique
    Photographs, news, and articles on pet care. Carson, California.
  • Pomprecious
    Raising dogs for pets. Pictures and litter announcements. St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Ponderosa
    Pictures and show news. Granite falls, North Carolina.
  • Poolside
    Photographs, memorials, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Raffinan Kennel
    Raising dogs for exotic and traditional colors. Photographs and brags. Florida.
  • RetroPoms
    Working to preserve the classic look of the breed. Show pictures and litter announcements. California.
  • Royal Tee
    Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs. Alabama.
  • Sharp
    Specializing in exotics. Photograph gallery, breeding plans, and a copy of their health guarantee. Arizona.
  • Shining Star
    Photographs of their dogs and home, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Bessemer, Alabama.
  • Showcase
    Pictures, pedigrees, articles, and information about her kennel. California.
  • Silhouette
    Kennel history, list of shows they've won, and pictures of their dogs. Virginia.
  • Tender Loving Care
    Specializing in oranges as well as black and tan, chocolate and parti colors. Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Courtland, Mississippi.
  • Tom Thumb
    Pictures, pedigrees, show results, and kennel history. Bend, Oregon.
  • Toybox
    Specializing in exotic colors for pets. Pictures and litter announcements. Hesperia, California.
  • Toyrific
    Pictures and litter announcements. California.
  • Vibrantly
    Producing dogs for show. Pictures, pedigrees, and information on their handling and pet sitting services. Dublin, California.
  • Wee Hearts
    Breeder and exhibitor of Parti, and other colors. Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs. Georgia.

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