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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > English Mastiff
English Mastiff Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Mastiff Web
    Features information on the breed including history, standards, temperament, training, chat, message board, art, pictures, programs, and games.
  • Dvf
    Provides pictures and information on the breed including health, titles, standard, information on progessive retinal atrophy, and free litter announcements.
  • Mastiff information
    Tips from breeders for choosing and raising a puppy.
  • UK Mastiff
    A UK based meeting place and information exchange for people interested in the English Mastiff.
  • Andvari Mastiffs and Cane Corsos
    England. English mastiffs and Cane Corsos bred for type,temperament, health and longevity. Also Cane Corso, rare Italian Mastiff
  • Atlasdogs Mastiffs
    Sweden. Pictures, pedigrees, breed history and books, imports, stud dogs.
  • Bearhill Mastiffs
    New Jersey. Photos, planned breedings, background, showing, companionship, family, stud dog.
  • BrimstoneMastiffs
    New York. Pictures, pedigrees and health information.
  • Calgar E Mastiffs
    North Carolina. Philosophy, pictures, stud service, planned breeding.
  • Cape Wind Mastiffs
    Massachusetts. Pictures, background, pedigrees, stud service, puppies occasionally.
  • Castlemist Mastiffs
    Massachusetts. Extensive information about health, showing in breed and obedience as well as temperament certification.
  • Castletop Olde English Mastiffs
    New York. Breeding to preserve classic breed type, temperament, health, soundness, longevity, and overall balance.
  • Cato's Old English Mastiffs
    North Texas area. Kennel and breed history, care tips, litter announcements, and puppy photos.
  • Cedarhollow Mastiffs
    Washington. Pictures, showing, links, puppies.
  • Celestial Mastiffs
    Pennsylvania. Photographs, information on health certification, showing. Puppies occasionally from health certified sires and dams.
  • Desertknight Mastiffs
    Arizona. Breeding for temperament, size and type.
  • Divine Mastiffs
    Colorado. Pictures.
  • Dujon Mastiffs
    New York. Involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1961. Photographs, background, upcoming litters, stud service.
  • English Mastiffs Of Hawthorne
    Texas. Breeding for show and temperament.
  • Epiphany Kennels
    Virginia. Pictures and information about Old English Mastiff puppies and dogs.
  • Euchee Creek Mastiffs
    Georgia. Puppies and adults available. Includes breed background.
  • Excelsior Mastiffs
    New York. Pictures, litter announcements, and links.
  • Forte Mastiffs
    Arizona. Breeding for quality. Pictures, history, pedigrees, planned breedings, breed information
  • Gigantes Dorados Mastiff
    Argentina. Pictures and information.
  • Goldleaf Mastiffs
    California. Breeding excellent quality dogs for over 25 years. Many champions have been produced from our line. Show and pet quality puppies available.
  • Goldrush Mastiffs
    California. Pictures and pedigrees of dogs, health testing, breeding plans, and show results.
  • Halfmoon Mastiffs
    Missouri. Pictures, background, pedigrees, show dogs.
  • High N Mighty Mastiffs
    British Columbia, Canada. Pictures, philosophy, diet, temperament, contracts and pedigrees.
  • Hotlanta Mastiffs
    Georgia. Lots of photographs, show Mastiffs, Mastiffs having fun, sleeping, goofing around. Background and philosophy.
  • Hug-A-Mug Mastiffs Farm
    Missouri. Breeding only the finest English Mastiff puppies with AKC and International Champion bloodlines for pets or show.
  • Imagine Mastiffs
    Texas. Showing and breeding English mastiffs.
  • Indiana English Mastiffs
    Indiana. Family owned breeder.
  • Ironclad Mastiffs
    Massachusetts. Mastiff photo gallery, mastiff puppies, Mastiff breed information and educational links. Coastie coloring book - a child safety book featuring Mastiff drawings which was adopted by the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Ironways Mastiffs
    California. Breeding for soundness, type, temperament and movement. Champion stud service available.
  • Island West
    Canada. Pictures and puppy information.
  • Kharisma Mastiffs
    Illinois. Photographs, Pedigrees, Puppies, and Stud Service
  • Kingmont Mastiffs
    California. Showing and breeding dogs for almost 14 years. We welcome visitors and inquiries.
  • Knighterrant Mastiffs
    Canada. Photos, history, breed FAQ, breeding stock, great Mastiff links
  • Kumormai Mastiffs
    Kennel history, litter announcements, pedigrees and photos. Located in Scotland.
  • Lexington Mastiffs
    Photos, pedigrees and information on upcoming litters. New Jersey.
  • Lighthouse Mastiffs
    Michigan. Kennel history, litter announcements, Rescue, planned breedings and photos
  • Lone Star Mastiffs
    Texas. Pictures.
  • Loyal heart Mastiff's
    Pennsylvania. Breeding pet and show mastiffs.
    Pennsylvania. We are English Mastiff breeders who breed mastiff puppies.
  • MacTaggart's English Mastiffs
    Pennsylvania. Mastiff puppies and Mastiff people. Intended as a resource to inform current and potential Mastiff Moms and Dads on the realities of life with several great big Mastiff puppies and great bigger Mastiff adults.
  • Madigan Mastiffs
    Pennsylvania. Stud Service. Top show dog, extensive health testing.
  • Marcy Mountain Mastiffs
    Oregon. Limited breeding program is focused on health and temperament first, followed by promoting the Old English type.
  • Mastiff Del Fracasso
    Italy. Champion, stud service and puppies.
  • Mastiff Kennel Krozairs of Kregen
    Germany. A lot of information about the Mastiff in germany. Show dates & Puppy diary.
    mastiffs studs,stud service application, stud service sample contract, health testing,photos and videos of our studs, health testing information,link to OEMTF
  • Mastineum the Molos Breeders and Service
    Poland.Over 1000 pictures in 15 galleries.
  • Meadowcreek Mastiffs
    Colorado Mastiff breeder. Emphasizing health, temperament and type. Includes pictures, pedigrees and health certifications.
  • Medieval Mountain Mastiffs
    Colorado. Show accomplishments and photos
  • Meeker's Mastiffs
    Oklahoma. Puppy pictures.
  • Moon River Mastiffs
    Georgia. Photo gallery, philosophy, all Mastiffs are family members, pedigrees including testing information, planned litters. MCOA member 10 yrs.
  • Mountaineer Mastiffs
    West Virginia. Photographs, background, pedigrees, books, breed standards. Information about English bloodlines in the U.S.
  • Mountainivew Mastiffs
    Washington. Offering stud service, puppies, show dogs, pets and lifetime support from championed, tested English mastiffs. Members of PNMF and MCOA.
  • Mt Olympus Mastiffs
    Washington. Breeding, showing and therapy work with our family raised Old English Mastiffs. Puppies available occasionally to approved homes.
  • Mtn Oaks Ranch English Mastiffs
    California. Mtn Oaks Ranch English Mastiffs- Champions Breeding Champions.
  • Mtn Oaks Ranch Mastiffs
    California. English Mastiffs Website.
  • Oak Meadows Ranch
    Indiana. Pictures.
  • Old School Mastiffs
    Virginia. Includes pictures and information on available puppies and adult dogs.
  • Omar v. Herman Mastiffs
    California. Show pictures.
  • Outlaw Mastiffs
    Breeding for confirmation. Photographs, slideshows, and breedng plans. Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Qaletaqa
    Ohio. Breeding, rehoming and rehabilitation.
  • Ravenwydd Mastiffs
    New Jersey. Dedicated to the preservation of type. Lines include: Craigavon, Jengren, Bredwardine, Greco, Kumormai, Greiner Hall and Erebor.
  • Red Maple Mastiffs
    South Carolina. Breeder who actively shows. Litter announcements, puppy pictures,and photos of adults.
  • Resolute Mastiffs
    Victoria, Canada. Pictures, planned litters, history, stud dog.
  • Rockport Mastiffs
    Canada. Breeder of quality Old English Mastiffs
  • Sagi Mastiffs and Briards
    Pennsylvania. Breeder of English Mastiffs and Briards.
  • Secret Garden Mastiffs
    North Carolina. Loving Companions, Show, obedience and beyond! Committed to the betterment of the breed
  • Selene Mastiffs
    Washington. Dedicated to informing people about Mastiff's!
  • Sherborn Mastiffs
    Breedings, pedigrees and photos.
  • Sherwood Mastiffs
    Ohio. English Mastiffs Home of: International AM CH WileyWays Cedar of Sherwood, CGC
  • Silver Crest Mastiffs
    Oregon. Breeding quality English Mastiffs
  • Silvers Mastiffs
    Show photographs, visual pedigrees, upcoming litters, and stud dogs. Located in Texas.
  • Skamania Mastiffs
    Washington. Champion Mastiffs, health testing, stud service available, pet and show quality puppies.
  • Skip's Mastiffs
    Michigan. Breeding from primarily English bloodlines.
  • Smoky Hills Ranch
    Kansas. Includes photos and pedigrees. Family raised - occasional puppies. Emphasizing temperament, health, and size. Goal is to produce show quality pups, but loving homes are of utmost importance.
  • Spicewood Flats Mastiffs
    Kennel history, pedigrees, litter announcements and pictures. Located in Virginia.
  • Spillers Mastiffs of Audley Farms
    Pennsylvania. Photo gallery, blog, announcements, and breeding policy. Puppies available occasionally.
  • St James
    Colorado. Emphasis on health testing and temperament. Puppies occasionally available. State rescue coordinator.
  • Steadfast Mastiffs
    Indiana. Home to champions. Puppies occassionally.
  • Stellar Mastiffs
    Washington. Provides pictures and information on the breed, puppies, articles, and FAQ.
  • Stergo Mastiffs
    Michigan. Health links and seizure information.
  • St.Patricks Mastiffs
    Wisconsin. Photographs, pedigrees, photo galleries, upcoming litters, stud dogs.
  • Sundog Mastiffs
    Washington. Pictures and information.
  • Sunshine Mountain Mastiffs
    West Virginia. Breeders thriving to preserve the old english lines. Our dogs are our lives and live inside as part of the family.
  • Templar Mastiffs
    Ohio. History, philosophy, photographs, pedigrees, health certificates.
  • Timberlake Mastiffs
    California. A selected group of young dogs with excellent pedigrees, type, structure and temperament.
  • Victory Mascotts
    Virginia. Home-raised English Mastiffs and Scottish Terriers; health, temperament, obedience, show and companion.
  • Von Bex English Mastiff
    Kentucky.We raise quality English Mastiffs. They make wonderful family pets.
  • Wexstan Mastiffs of New York
    New York. Mastiffs suited for the family and merited in the show ring.
  • Windfall Mastiffs
    Breeder of English Mastiffs. Information on health issue and the breed in genereal.

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