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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhound Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Hilary Jupp's Irish Wolfhound Site
    History and photographs, discussion of breed standard, comprehensive breed history, advice on puppy buying and care, information on diet, health issues, complementary and nutritional therapies, communication and cartoons.
  • The Irish Wolfhound
    Poems, art, stamps, postcards and cigarette cards relating to the breed. Links to international clubs.
  • Irish Wolfhound International Magazine
    Description of magazine with summaries of previous issues. News and photographs from around the world. On line subscriptions.
  • The Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust
    Supports research and rescue initiatives. Merchandise. Details of past projects, contacts and mailing lists.
  • Irish Wolfhound Pedigrees
    Database of pedigrees from around the world.
  • Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust
    UK rehoming charity.Background information on the trust, advice on living with a wolfhound, rescue application form, events diary.
  • Irish Wolfhound Seizure Study
    An ongoing study of Irish Wolfhounds affected with seizures, categorizing of these seizures and addressing problems in their maintenance.
  • Torteval Irish Wolfhounds
    Life with six Irish wolfhounds. Photographs, pedigrees, breed history, advice to prospective owners.
  • The Wolfhound Connection
    Graphics and merchandise, breed history, artwork and photographs.
  • Avoglia Irish Wolfhounds
    Florida breeder. Kennel history and philosophy, photographs, puppy news.
  • Bribiba Irish Wolfhounds
    A humorous look at life with Irish wolfhounds. Photos, poems and stories. Kennel information and pedigrees. Scotland.
  • Caithness Irish Wolfhounds
    Based in Utah, USA. Kennel philosophy, photographs and pedigrees.
  • Castells Irish Wolfhounds
    Texas breeder. Photographs, litter announcements, information on the breed.
  • Cnoccarne Irish Wolfhounds
    Canadian breeder, British Columbia. Photographs. Information on canine treats, dog beds and training.
  • Curiann Irish Wolfhounds
    Breed history and characteristics. Information on kennels and advice to prospective owners. Photos of adults and puppies. Ontario, Canada,
  • Gulliagh Irish Wolfhounds
    Irish kennel. Photographs, news and links.
  • Heathview Irish Wolfhounds
    Canadian breeder. Kennel history, news, show results and photographs.
  • Hounds of Heaven Irish Wolfhounds
    Michigan breeder. Kennel history, use of dogs in therapy, photo gallery, practical tips, diary following a litter of puppies from birth.
  • Ianina's Kennels
    Kennel history and photos. Pedigree research database. Iowa.
  • Irish Wolfhound di Luca Valerani
    Italian breeder, site in English. Photographs and pedigrees.
  • Irish Wolfhounds von der Saalmuehle
    Kennel description, breed history and standard. Photographs and show results. German breeder, site in English.
  • Kennel Gruagach
    Swedish kennel, site in English. Breed standard and history. Photo gallery and pedigrees.
  • Kennel Keltair
    Swedish breeder, site in English. Photo galleries, pedigrees, show results, litter news.
  • Mistyglen Irish Wolfhounds
    Kennel description, puppy availability, photo gallery. Alberta, Canada.
  • Nutstown Irish Wolfhounds
    Irish kennel. Kennel history, photographs and pedigrees, news and show results.
  • Oet Kepèl Irish Wolfhounds
    Dutch breeder, site in English. Kennel history, photographs and pedigrees.
  • Owai Irish Wolfhounds
    New Zealand breeder.Information on the breed and owner's responsibilities. Photo gallery, pedigrees and frequently asked questions.
  • Really Irish Wolfhounds
    Czech breeder, site in English. Photo galleries, pedigrees, show results. News of puppy availibility.
  • Rysheron Irish Wolfhounds
    Kennel philosophy, pedigrees and photographs. California.
  • Shanbally Irish wolfhounds
    Dutch breeder, site in English. Kennel philosophy, litter announcements, photographs, discussion of health problems and longevity.
  • Sharbo Kennels
    Irish Wolfhound breeder in North Carolina. Kennel history, litter announcements, show accomplishments and photos.
  • Singing Swords Irish Wolfhounds
    North Caroliner breeder. Single page site with photographs.
  • Sunstag Irish Wolfhounds
    Kennel philosophy, breed description, photographs, pedigrees. Detailed information on the breed, bibliography and links. California.
  • Tenderland Farms Irish Wolfhounds
    General information, mission statement, photo gallery. Gainesville, Texas.
  • Tir Na Nog
    Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, critiques and litter announcements. Site is in English and German.
  • Tullaghan's Irish Wolfhounds
    Kennel information with photos and pedigrees. German site, in English.
  •  V?ommen till Kennel Dorisas
    Swedish breeder, site in English. Kennel history and photo galleries.
  • Wolfhouse Irish Wolfhounds and Jack Russells
    Danish breeder, site in English. Kennel history and philosophy. Photo galleries, pedigrees and profiles of individual dogs, articles and news about the breed.
  • Yasahiikuma Irish Wolfhounds and Cardigan Welsh Corgis
    Photograph galleries, poetry and stories, and specialty happenings. Canada.

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