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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Golden Retrievers at The Land of PureGold
    Follow the Golden Brick Road for information and to learn about every service field and humanitarian effort of this breed.
  • Canadian Golden Retrievers
    Links to breeders, rescue, homepages, goods, health issues, and clubs. E-mail list, weekly poll, and message board available.
  • EverythingGolden
    An online magazine for competition Golden Retrievers. Monthly issues.
  • The Golden Retriever Fanatic
    Dedicated to providing information about raising, grooming, breeding, and caring for the breed.
  • Golden Retriever Information
    Featured golden retriever information at Champdogs, the UK and European dog breeders and owners website.
  • The Golden Retriever Weekly Web Magazine
    News articles, pedigrees, and general information.
  • Golden Retrievers USA
    Contains lists of regional kennels, breeders, handlers, trainiers, clubs, rescue organizations, and informational Web sites.
  • Goldendogs
    Message board, chat room, litter listings, and a photograph gallery.
  • Goofy Goldens
    Dedicated to the most wonderful breed of dog. Provides today's thought, pictures and links.
  • Orion Golden Retrievers
    Real hunting Goldens for field and competition. Information about their dogs, Meg and Jack.
  • Top Golden Retriever Sites
    An international community of golden retriever dogs and sites.
  • Aurea Rosa
    Kennel history, photograph gallery, and information on their training camp. Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Dream Team
    Pictures and news of their show dogs. Slovakia.
  • Ganwales
    Producing dogs for family, show, and work. Kennel history, news, photographs, pedigrees, and show results. Austria.
  • Taygetos Land
    Breed of Golden and Labrador Retrievers. Pictures, pedigrees, and show pictures. [Requires Flash]
  • TerraMagica
    Photographs, pedigrees, show results, and litter announcements. Zagreb, Croatia.
  • Z Kostrowego Grodu Kennel
    Photographs, show results, and pedigrees. Poland.
  • Malagold Home Page
    Breeding quality goldens since 1962. Located in Wisconsin and Ohio.
  • Runnymede
    Photographs, litter announcements, and pedigrees. Pass Christian, Mississippi.
  • Sunshine Hill
    Breeding multi-purpose dogs. Pictures, pedigrees, and show news. Delaware.
  • Topbrass
    Detailed information and news on their breeding stock and puppies. Ships nationwide. Half year based in Elgin, Illinois; half year in Florida.
  • Abnalls
    Producing both show and working lines. Kennel information, photographs, and updates on litter availability. Stafford.
  • Alibren
    Short history and purpose of kennel, photographs of their dogs, and information on current and future litters. Located in north England.
  • Bryntirion
    Situated in the Dee Valley in North Wales. Photographs, kennel history, and litter announcements.
  • Campresse
    Photographs and descriptions of their dogs.
  • Canburne Gundogs
    Raising working dogs. Photographs of their dogs, breeding plans, and litter announcements.
  • Catcombe
    Short history of their kennel with pictures. Detailed information of their dogs and program. Wiltshire, England.
  • Cleyne Hage
    Kennel of dual purpose dogs. Training advice and support for all gundog breeds.
  • Colbar
    Short history and information of their dogs. West Yorkshire.
  • Delaronte
    Photographs, pedigrees, and memorials. Haughton, England.
  • Harsett
    English kennel, located in Gloucestershire, that produces dual purpose dogs for pets and competing. Photographs, pedigrees, and show results.
  • Mastamariner
    Information on puppy development, care, training, the breed standard, health, photographs and pedigrees of dogs and litters due.
  • Nieghan
    Show news, photograph gallery, memorials, kennel history, and pedigrees. Scotland.
  • Pendlemist
    Photographs, pedigrees, and news. Mellor Brook, Lancashire.
  • Putjade
    Photographs of dogs and their litters, with information about future matings and kennel news. Related links. Located in the Bromsgrove area.
  • Rheincroft
    Details and photographs of dogs used in their program. Boarding kennels and grooming parlor located in London.
  • Risedale
    Kennel in Yorkshire with show bred stock. Information about their dogs and some photographs.
  • Stanroph
    Kennel information, certificates, photographs, and pedigrees. West Auckland, County Durham, England.
  • Tenfield
    Kennel history, photographs, and stories of their past and present dogs. Planned litters listed. Durrington, Wiltshire, England.
  • Xanthos
    Brief history, news of puppies and litters, and certifications. Dogs have personal links. Surrey, England.
  • Xenowey
    Information, photographs, and pedigrees of their dogs.

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