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German Shepherd Dog Breeds and Breeders
Breeders in Australia
Breeders in Belgium
Breeders in Canada
Breeders in Estonia
Breeders in Finland
Breeders in Germany
Breeders in Ireland
Breeders in Italy
Breeders in Netherlands
Breeders in New Zealand
Breeders in Philippines
Breeders in South Africa
Breeders in United Kingdom
Breeders in United States
  • The Degenerative Myelopathy Support Group and Heaven's Gate
    Dedicated to GSD Jack Flash, includes message board, warning signs, diagnosis, treatment, exercise, and turning instructions, listings of vets, and database for user-submissions of details of GSD deaths.
  • East German Shepherd Dog Central
    DDR pedigree archive, German translations, DDR Siegers and Siegerins, the Wertmessziffer rating system, sire production stats, articles, and links.
  • The German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry
    Database accepting user-submissions of information on GSDs with a titled dog within five generations.
    Focusing on the breed in Australia and New Zealand. Includes breed standard, schemes, ANKC trial regulations, health issues, message forum and a directory of breeders.
    Chatrooms, history, photo gallery, and breed, club, and rescue resources.
    Articles on working and showing, famous bloodlines and celebrity dogs, basic puppy and dog care, training, diets, and health, rescue links, and chat room.
  • The Internet GSD Club
    Discussion forums, chat, polls and contests, photographs, tributes to SAR and war dogs, poems, and games.
  • Man's Best Friend - The German Shepherd
    Includes picture galleries, trivia, information on rescue groups, and links.
  • NorthWest K9 - Excellence in Working Dogs
    A program of early evaluative screening and foundation training of German Shepherd Dogs for Police K9, SAR, detection, and personal service and security. Photographs, pedigrees and video of available dogs, educational articles, books, and videos.
  • Our GSD
    Breed standards and information, German commands and names, weight chart, health, rescue organization database, GSD-L mailing list subscription and message archives, chat room, photographs, and anecdotes.
  • Pastore Tedesco
    Breed information, show calendar and results, and free breeder's gallery of photographs. In English and Italian.
  • The Pedigree Database
    Database with photo galleries, show and trial results, marketplace, and general breed information.
  • Real GSD
    Novice information, news, standards, health, forum, links to kennels worldwide, and comparison of FCI to North American dog registry breeding practices with AKC; impact on health, trainability, and well being of dogs.
  • Schaferhund.Com
    Information on anatomy, Schutzhund, breed standards, training, and health.
  • Some Grrreat GSD Pages
    Photographic guide to GSD colors, patterns, coat lengths and a directory of links.
  • UK National German Shepherd Dog Helpline
    Extensive collection of articles including health, behavior, and care. Also includes a United Kingdom rescue directory and listing of educational events, ongoing research, microchip service, and book list.

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