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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > French Bulldog
French Bulldog Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • French Bulldog Kingdom
    For health information, with photo album and links.
    Includes games, movies, trivia, puzzles, articles, and directory of links.
  • Frog Dog Central
    Breeder listings, clubs and general information.
  • Alberta Pride
    Alberta, Canada based breeder of French Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs. Details on health testing, individual dogs and general breed information.
  • Big Star
    Breed info, photos of dogs with pedigrees, puppy information and links. Located in Pennsylvania.
  • Bullbank
    Breeding, showing French bulldogs in Utah. Photos of dogs with pedigrees, imports and litter information.
  • Bullfrog
    A small kennel located in London, Ontario, Canada. Breeding and showing French Bulldogs. Breed history, show photos, future litter plans.
  • Bullistik
    Show breeder of health tested, Champion French Bulldogs located in central Texas. Photos of champions, current dogs and puppy plans.
  • Bullmarket and Absolut
    Breeding for show and pet. Includes pedigrees, articles, and puppycam. Located in Michigan and Toronto, Canada.
  • Chitawee Frenchies
    Show photos of boys and girls, puppy nursery and Chitawee information page. Located in Southwest City, Missouri.
  • Colby
    Massachusetts based breeder and exhibitor of French Bulldogs and Rottweilers. Kennel history, photos, pedigrees and show result information.
  • De Noble
    California based breeders of French Bulldogs. Photos, litter information and pedigrees.
  • Encore
    Breeder of French Bulldogs and Golden Retrievers. Pet, show and obedience dogs in Marshall, Michigan.
  • Epic
    French Bulldog breeder in Michigan. Photos, information on dogs in the breeding program, pedigrees and contact information.
  • EZYbull
    Photos of dogs, links and news page. Located in Oklahoma
  • Fancibul
    Photos of pups, champs, and available dogs. Also has breed information and offers custom designed and handknitted dogcoats.
  • The French Bullevard
    Located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pictures of adults and pups, FAQ and links page.
  • Imperiale
    Photos and pedigrees of current dogs. Located in Michigan.
  • Jackpot
    Located in Minnesota. Photos, pedigrees, general information on French Bulldogs and Frenchie fun camp.
  • J'Adore
    Breeder and exhibitor of French Bulldogs, located in Missouri. Photos, pedigrees, puppy nursery and links.
  • JustUs Dogs
    Hobby kennel with French Bulldogs and Norwich Terriers. Also information about 'Just Frenchies' and 'Just Terriers' magazines.
  • Kelmar
    Dog photos with pedigrees, handling services, puppies and upcoming litters.
  • Merriment
    Located in Laguna Beach, California. Photos and descriptions of their dogs with photos, puppy nursery and breeder information.
  • Olivers' Rose
    Show breeder of health tested AKC Champion Show French Bulldogs. Located in Commerce, Michigan.
  • Pettybull's
    Photos of dogs and puppies.Photos of sires and dams, and information about breeder's experience in dogs. Located in Texas.
  • Povrlrd
    Litter information and available dogs, photos, news, services and Frenchie links.
  • Ruchi
    A small in-house kennel in Southwest Missouri. Photos of dogs and information on breeding plans.
  • Sambuca
    French Bulldog and Cirneco dell'Etna. Photos of dogs with pedigrees, links and upcoming litter information. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Shel-E's
    Photos of dogs naming sires and dams. Also includes a puppy page with photos. Located in Sulphur Springs, Texas.
  • Shore Kennel
    English Springer Spaniels and French Bulldogs for show, obedience, agility, hunting, and family pets. Also owns Shiba Inu. Features pictures and pedigrees. Located in New Brunswick.
  • Sonja's
    Florida Based French Bulldog breeder. Puppy and litter information, show results and kennel history.
  • StephLyn
    Maryland based breeder of Boxers and French Bulldogs. Pedigrees, litter information and breeding plans.
  • Tinkertime
    Located in Fellsmere Farms, Florida. Photos and info about their dogs, upcoming stars and litters.
  • UT Arista
    Includes photos, pedigrees and information on upcoming breedings. Located in UT, USA
  • Van Riper
    Small show kennel breeding Boxers and French Bulldogs. Profiles of dogs, pedigrees, win information and breeding plans. Located in New Jersey.

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