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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Dachshund
Dachshund Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • The Dachshund Network
    Dachshund, general canine and pet site that is educational and entertaining.
  • Dachshundpages
    Lots of Dachshund pictures, features, and health information.
  • DutchDachs: Jan & Kia's Dachshund/Teckel Site.
    Information about the Dachshund (Teckel) in Dutch and in English.
  • For the Love of Dachsies
    Dedicated to those who love Dachshunds. Breed information and standards, chat, bulletin boards, events and care tips.
  • Ozdachs
    Pictures and dog care advice.
  • Ankhu
    Shows and raises Chinese Cresteds, Italian Greyhounds, and Dachshunds. Picture gallery, links to many breeders, puppies available occasionally, and contact information. [Colorado]
  • Avonlea
    Pictures of their long-haired dogs and links. Craigavon, Ireland.
  • D'Jagchshunds
    Standard breeders in Brazil. Kennel history, show results, litter announcements, and photographs. Site is in English and Portuguese.
  • Hacienda Dachshunds Malaysia
    Raising standard smooth and long haired dogs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pictures and show news.
  • Kennel Tranevang
    Raising long and wire haired dogs. Pictures, pedigrees, news, and litter announcements. Denmark
  • L'Inimitabile Dachshunds
    Smooth and long haired standard dogs. Photograph gallery, pedigrees, and news. Italy.
  • Los Acantilados
    Breeder of smooth and wire hair Dachshunds. Profiles, photographs, and pedigrees. Madrid, Spain.
  • Tacskó Kennel
    Pictures, show results, and pedigrees. Hungary.
  • ABQ Doxies
    Raising miniatures in Albuquerque, New Mexico. PIctures and pedigrees.
  • Accordino's TLC Kennel
    Small family kennel raising long and shorthaired dogs for companions in Oneonta, New York. Information on their breeding program and pictures.
  • BC Sundance
    Pictures and litter announcements. Fillmore, New York.
  • Bear Creek Kennel
    Raising miniatures with smooth and long coats. Breed standard, photographs, and litter announcements. Duncanville, Alabama.
  • Buddachs Kennel
    Breeding plans and photographs of their longhair miniatures. Saint Helens, Oregon.
  • C & G's McLilpaws
    Miniature dogs with smooth and long coats. Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Hudson, Florida.
  • Ceedox
    Miniature smooth and wirehaired dog breeder in the Sacramento, California area. Pictures of their dogs and litter announcements.
  • Chesadachs Ranch
    Small home-based breeder of AKC dogs in California. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Cole's Kennel
    Raising smooth and long haired dogs in Lebanon, Oregon. Litter announcements, photographs, and pricing information.
  • Copia's Kennel
    Raising smooth coated dogs for agilty, field tracking, and earthdog trials. Pictures and sales contract. Tennessee.
  • Copper Creek
    Breeders of show and companion miniature dogs who believe in natural feeding and has a holistic view on health. Photograph album and show news. Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Cottonwood Kennel
    Raising ministaure in Bayard, Nebraska. Pictures and contact information.
  • Creamer Creek Kennel
    Texas breeders of miniature dachsunds (minihounds). Puppy and litter information, dog profiles, and photos.
  • CYNMAC Kennels
    Raising dogs for show. Pictures and news. Dorchester, South Carolina.
  • Dachshund Alley
    Miniature smooth and longhair dogs. Photographs and litter announcements. Ringgold, Georgia.
  • Dachshund Lane Kennels
    Pictures, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Hendersonville, North Carolina.
  • Dachsies of the Rockies
    Miniature dogs of all coats types in Whitewater, Colorado. Photographs and breeding plans.
  • Dachsue's Kennel
    Kennel history, pedigrees, litter announcements, customer testimonials, and photographs of the dogs. Fort Blackmore, Virginia.
  • Dalmar Kennels
    Raising miniatures in Mora, Minnesota. Photographs and pricing information.
  • Dear Courtney Enterprises
    Specializing in long haired dogs. Pictures and a bulletin board. Brighton, Colorado.
  • Denhaven Farm
    Wire, smooth, and long hair dogs. Kennel history, litter announcements, list of show accomplishments, and photographs. Loganville, Georgia.
  • Diane's Doxies
    Site describes pet therapy program, how to care for new puppies, the kennel's breeding practices, and photographs. Largo, Florida.
  • Dogwood Farm
    Raising long and smooth coated miniatures. Photographs and breeding schedule. West Tennessee.
    Specializing in miniature creams, dapples, and solid colors. Photographs and litter announcements.
  • Doxi Dolls
    Raising miniature dogs in both long and smooth coat. Pictures, breeding schedule, and customer testimonials. Lake Wales, Florida.
  • Doxie's
    Breeder of miniature dogs. Photograph gallery of breed colors, breed information, message board, and online book store. Texas.
  • Dream-A-Dream Kennels
    Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Pflugerville, Texas.
  • Dufour's
    Smooth and long coated dogs for show and pets. Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Methuen, Massachusetts.
  • Durdach Kennel
    Miniature dogs bred for type and temperament. Forum, basic care tips, and show news. Grantsville, Utah.
  • East Front Delldachs
    Kennel history, pedigrees, litter announcements, and photographs. Montana.
  • Fair Winds Kennel
    Producing standards and miniatures for show. Photograph gallery and litter announcements. Apple Valley, California.
  • Faulkdach
    Breeder of miniature dogs in all three coats: long , smooth and wire haired. Kennel description and litter announcements. Tennessee.
  • GBdachs Kennel
    Texas-based kennel breeding all coats and most colors including imported English creams. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Ginns
    Litter announcements, photographs of their miniatures, and breeding schedule. Wingo, Kentucky.
  • Globus Dogs
    Long hair miniature dogs from English bloodlines. Pictures and news. Port Byron, New York.
  • Green Mountain Doxies
    Producing miniatures. Photopgraphs, breeding schedule, and poems. Colchester, Vermont.
  • Grendox
    Miniature dogs in all three coat types. Litter announcements, breed standard, and pictures. Mayfield, Kentucky.
  • Handy's
    Raising miniatures in Anniston, Alabama. Photograph gallery, litter announcements, and care tips.
  • Hardy Mini Doxies
    Pictures, breeding schedule, and pedigrees. Orlando, Florida.
  • Hidden Cedars
    Breeders of miniature dogs in Texas. Photographs and litter announcements. Huntsville, Texas.
  • Honeydach's Kennels
    Raising smooth and long coated dogs for show. Pictures and litter announcements. Westminster, Maryland.
  • Hyderdach
    A small show kennel in Alaska. Kennel history, show accomplishments, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Jam's Doxies
    Raising miniatures for companions. Litter announcements and photographs. Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Jaserie's Animal Creations
    Raising miniatures in the Santa Clarita Valley, California. Specializing in all colors including English creams. Breeding plans, pictures, and pedigrees
  • JBD Doxies
    Breeding dogs with smooth and long coats. Breeding schedule, photographs, description of kennel practices, and rescue information. Orlando, Florida.
  • Kafon Kennels
    Kennel information with photographs and breeding plans. Assorted colors, coats, and patterns. Eunice, Louisiana.
  • Key City Doxies
    Pictures and breeding plans. Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Keystone Kennel
    Miniatures in all colors in both the smooth and longahir. Pictures, pricing guide, and breeding schedule. Canton, Georgia.
  • Kimilo Kennels
    Raising smooth and longhaired dogs in Mesa, Arizona. Litter announcements and pictures.
  • Kirkwood Kennels
    Kennel history, show results, litter announcements and photographs of their miniatures. Florida.
  • Kleine
    Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs. Elma, Washington.
  • Laurjosh
    Breeder of show and companion miniature smooth and longhaired dogs in Northeast Pennsylvania. Pedigrees and health guarantee.
  • Lighthouse Puppies
    Miniatures in Gadsden, Alabama. Pictures and litter announcements.
  • Li'l Dachs
    Miniatures with smooth and long coats. Pictures, litter announcements, and rescue links. Raleigh, Mississippi.
  • Lil Texas Doxies
    Raising miniatures in Wells, Texas. Photographs, pedigrees, and a description of the breed standard.
  • Little Land Kennels
    News, litter announcements, and photographs. New York.
  • LLB Kennels
    Raising miniatures and standards in both long and smooth coats. Litter announcements and photographs. Tallahassee, Florida.
  • Lookout Mountain
    Raising miniatures in Georgia. Photograph album, breeding plans, and tips for caring for a new puppy.
  • M & B Kennels
    Newsletter, photographs of their miniatures, and kennel history. Axtell, Nebraska.
  • ML Rivenburgh
    Producing miniatures in Micanopy, Florida. Photographs, breed description, and health guarantee.
  • Mo-Jo Kennels
    Kennel history, litter announcements, and pictures of available dogs. New York.
  • Morgan's Kennel
    Breeding miniature longhair dogs in all colors. Litter announcements and photographs. Estacada, Oregon
  • Nuforest
    Raising dogs of all coat types for family pets, companions, and show dogs. Photographs, kennel history, show results, litter announcements, and testimonials. Ramona, California.
  • Oaks of Seawillow
    Smooth and long hair miniatures in Central Texas. Litter announcements and pictures.
  • Oxfordox
    Raising miniatures in Oxford, Georgia. Pictures and pedigrees.
  • Paradice
    Miniature dogs in Cheney, Washington. Litter announcements and photographs.
  • Pepper Creek Ranch
    Breeder of miniature dogs. News, pictures, and litter announcements. Franklin, Texas.
  • Peyton's Doxies
    Specializing in creams and piebalds. Pictures, pedigrees, and breed standard description. Katy, Texas.
  • Porth Kennels
    Breeder of miniatures. Gallery of photographs, litter announcements, and contact information. Lexington, South Carolina.
  • Raisin'L
    Litter announcements and links. Lancaster, California.
  • Reighning Doxies
    Raising long and smooth coated AKC registered miniatures. Litter announcements, brag page, and photographs. Dry Creek, Louisiana.
  • Rendach
    Breeding miniatures, both smooth and longhair, in a wide variety of colors and coat patterns. Pictures, breed standard, and their code of ethics. Reddick, Florida.
  • Rocky Top Doxies
    Producing miniatures in all varieties of color. Breeding plans, pictures, and litter announcements. Elizabethton, Tennessee.
  • Romandachs
    Small show breeder in southern Indiana. Kennel history, show accomplishments, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Sauvage Creations
    Miniature long and short haired dogs in Harvey, Louisiana. Photograph gallery and pedigrees.
  • Shadow Ridge Farms
    Raising miniatures in Murray, Kentucky. Kennel history and photographs.
  • Shamrock
    Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs. Annapolis, Illinois.
  • Shamrock Lanes
    Producing long, smooth, and wirehaired dogs. Photographs and breeding schedule. Rupert, Idaho.
  • Sherricks
    Raising miniature smooth and wire dogs for show and pet. Pictures and news. Ghent, Kentucky.
  • Sherry's Weiner Ranch
    Breeding all sizes and coat types in Cookeville, Tennessee. Pictures and pedigrees.
  • South Oregon Kennel
    Producing miniature dogs in many color varieties. Pictures and litter announcements.
  • Spooner's
    Raising miniatures in Gainesville, Georgia. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Strobels Wee Little Acres
    Miniatures in a variety of color types. Photographs and litter announcements. Napoleon, Ohio.
  • Sugarland
    Producing miniature long haired dogs. Pictures and kennel history. Conway, Arkansas.
  • Teal
    Breeder, owner, handler of standard smooths in Williamsburg, Virginia. Kennel history, photograph album of dogs past and present, and articles on the breed.
  • Texas Delites
    Raising miniatures in Texarkana, Texas. Photographs, health guarantee, and litter announcements.
  • Tiny Pawz
    Litter announcements and pictures of their miniatures. Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
  • Wade's Teenie Weenies
    Breeder of miniature dogs in Willis, Texas. Pictures of their dogs and litter announcements.
  • Walking Weiner Kennel
    Breeder located in Perryville, Missouri has all three coat varieties. Raising dogs for show and pets. News, pictures and an application for potential buyers.
  • Wendys Wieners
    Long haired miniatures in Phoenix, Arizona. Kennel history, litter announcements, and photographs.
  • Wild West Kennels
    Raising miniatures in Ochlocknee, Georgia. Photographs and litter announcements.
  • Wishing Wells Kennel
    Their policies, photographs, and list of services. Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • YNot Dachshunds
    Show kennel specializing miniature wire and smooth piebald dogs. Photographs and litter announcements. Louisville, Tennessee.

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