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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Bulldog
Bulldog Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Hope's Bulldogs Partner Link
    We strive for the health and quality of all our AKC reg., championship English Bulldogs. We have puppies available to approved families.
  • The Bulldog Information Library
    Booklist, articles, history and origin of the breed, its standard, morphology, characteristics, behavior, health issues, nutrition, breeding and training. Information and book lists in English, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands.
    Information and links including frequently asked questions, list of breeders, pictures archive, postcards, mailing list, newsletters, periodicals, poetry, and songs.
  • Bulldogs Pictures
    Breeders, rescues, clubs, a short history, pictures and links.
  • BulldogsWorld
    A resource for enthusiasts including photographs, articles, a message board, and links.
    History, information, tips, links, and bulldog pictures.
  • The Bully Net
    Network to assist in finding breeders, local clubs, and upcoming litters.
  • Global Bulldog Network
    An international web ring and bulletin board bringing together breed sites from around the world.
  • Lord Goliath's Bulldog Domain
    Provides breed information including standards, health, and feeding tips. Message forum, chat, pictures, "Bulldog of the Month" contest, recipes, and links.
  • Barbecue Kennel
    Photographs, pedigrees, kennel history, and litter announcments. St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Bullbastic
    Pictures, pedigrees, memorials, and litter announcements. Grez-doiceau, Brabant, Belgium.
  • Camelot Bulldogs
    Photographs, pedigrees, and the breed standard. Argentina. [English and Spanish].
  • Claudini English Bulldogs
    Photographs, show news, litter announcements, and kennel policies. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
  • De Muribox
    Litter announcements, photographs, and pedigrees. Vic, Spain. [English and Spanish].
  • Discreet Glamour of The Bourgeoisie
    Kennel history, show news, pedigrees, and breeding plans. Poland.
  • Doran Bulldogs
    Photographs, pedigrees, litter announcements, and a newsletter archive. Ghent, Belgium.
  • Kennel Malafede
    Photographs and breeding plans. Italy. [Italian and English].
  • Lejandre Breeding Kennels
    Photographs and litter announcements. Bronkhorstpruit, Gauteng, South Africa.
  • Macm Kennels
    Breeders from Goiânia GO, Brazil present pictures of their champions and puppies. Site includes latest news on new puppy owners from around the world.
  • Malson's English Bulldogs
    Champion, imported bloodlines, striving to produce healthy and happy Bullies. Breeder from Bakersfield, California has pictures, information and breeding philosophy.
  • Maraul Bulldogs
    Breeder/exhibitor from Heron Lake, Minnesota displays photographs and links.
  • Melafella Bulldogs
    Breeders from Consett, County Durham in the UK with history and pictures of show quality parents and puppies
  • Minnesota Miniature Bulldogs
    Pictures and information on the dogs we raise, along with information on this new breed. Links to other Mini bulldogs sites available also so you can do more research and see if this breed is right for you.
  • Mountain Man Bulldogs
    Pictures. Idaho.
  • My Toy Bulldogs
    Couple from Benbrook, Texas raise and handle English bulldogs plus provide champion stud service.
  • Nothin Compares
    Broker from Minnesota displays photographs of available puppies and previously sold puppies. Site contains copy of contract and purchasing instructions.
  • Of Mojo´s
    Breeder in the Netherlands has pictures, show news, and links to other bulldog sites.
  • Old England Kennel
    Breeder from Lonato, Italy with photos of puppies, adults and Lonato. Italian and English explanations of breeding goals and breed.
  • OMAI Bulldogs
    Family breeders from Vermont has photographs of adults and current and previous litters.
  • Orphious Bulldogs
    Pictures from a family's kennel based in Kent, UK showing adult bulldogs and puppies.
  • P and L English Bulldogs
    Breeders from Okmulgee, Oklahoma present photos of their sires, dams and puppies and an overview of breeding and whelping facility.
  • Packapunch Bulldogs
    Family of enthusiasts, exhibitors and breeders present their history and pictures of their adults and puppies.
  • PheniX Bulldog Kennel
    Breeder from Florida with pictures of championship adults, puppies and standards.
  • Pickwick Bulldogs
    Swiss breeder displays information about kennel, breed and pictures of champion bulldogs and puppies.
  • Praetorian Bulldogs
    Praetorian qualities in prize bulldogs described plus photographs of studs and puppies.
  • Prideland Bulldogs
    Breeder from Prescott, Arkansas presents descriptions, photos and pedigrees of their females.
  • Primetime Bulldogs
    AKC and BCA Bulldog breeders. Photographs, slide show, show results, screen savers, and graphics.
  • Proudheart Bulldogs
    Breeders located in Oyama, British Columbia, Canada presents pictures of their adults, puppies and their pedigrees with information on bulldogs in general.
  • Puppy Gal
    Offers pictures with sales and availability information. New litters displayed on webcam.
  • Puppy Hut
    Breeder from Crow Wing County Minesota raises English and French bulldogs plus Australian Shepards.
  • Puppy Love Unlimited
    Ava, Missouri breeders present their available bully and pug puppies and pictures of the mothers.
  • PushPuss Bullangels Kennel
    Breeder from Southern California displays show quality champion stock.
  • Qupios Bulldogs
    Breeders from Denmark have photos of their dogs, cats, lizards and a pony plus pedigrees of their adults.
  • Red Barn Bulldogs
    Breeders of bulldogs and boxers from Columbus, Kansas display pictures of their facility, their available puppies and puppy parents.
  • Red Duke Kennels
    Breeder from Cornwall, England displays photos of their current puppies and the British bulldog parents.
  • Reliabull Bulldogs
    Breeding for longevity and conformation. Photographs, profiles, pedigrees, and show schedule. Ottawa, Canada.
  • Ridgecrest Kennel and Puppy Nursery
    Breeder from Madisonville, Tennessee presents photos of puppy parents and information.
  • Ridgetop Bulldogs
    Couple from Northern Georgia displays their male and female bulldogs and their puppies all dressed up!
  • Riverbend Bulldogs
    Breeder from Plainville, Georgia presents pictures of her males and females plus plenty of puppy photos.
  • Robocky British Bulldogs
    Breeder and exibitor from Canberra, Australia presents pictures of original breeding pair and subsequent generations plus family photographs.
  • Rocket City Bulldogs
    Breeders from Humble, Texas shows puppies and championship parents. Includes pictures and valuable information on whelping.
  • Rogers Bulldogs
    Display of available puppies, past puppies, and pedigree.
  • Rosehall Registered English Bulldogs
    Breeder from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada displays photographs of champion bulldogs along with available puppies.
  • Royal Puppy Kennel
    Breeder located southeast of Phoenix, Arizona, provides photos of available puppies; shipping information; and their health guarantee.
  • RPM Bulldogs
    Breeder from Michigan presents photographs of current and previous puppies and their parents. Sales and stud service contracts can be seen.
  • Sac Bulldogs
    Breeders display photos of previous and available puppies and their parents.
  • Saint Lion
    Photograph gallery, pedigrees, and show news. Italy.
  • Security Kennel
    Breeder from Sao Paulo, Brazil provides puppy pictures, breed standard, dam and sire information.
  • Silver Creek Bulldogs
    Breeder from Silver Creek, Georgia has photos of the bullies they raise in their home.
  • SittingBull Bulldog Village
    Family raises puppies near Flint, Michigan. Site has photographs of available and previous puppies and their parents and pedigrees. Links to web rings, information, health, and standards.
  • Smith's Bulldogs
    Breeders' kennel is located in Northern Kentucky. Their site features photos of adults and available puppies.
  • Snow Angel Bulldogs
    Breeder from Milan, Italy, provides photographs and pedigrees.
  • Solid Rock Bulldogs
    Harry and Cheryl Meierarend from Odessa, Missouri display their number 1 stud dog, Solid Rock Outlaw Samson and champion Millcoats Gianni plus other champions, and show and pet quality puppies.
  • Soul Guardian Bulldogs
    Bulldog breeder from Greece has news and information about their dogs, links and clubs. The site has pictures and write ups on their pets, puppies, previous puppies and parents.
  • Springcreek Farm English Bulldogs
    Family from Ava, Missouri has photos of dams and puppies plus new litter information.
  • Star 'T' Bulldogs
    Breeder from Hemet, Southern California shows photos of adults, shows and puppies.
  • Stargate English Bulldogs
    Breeder from Alabama displays pictures of current parents and past puppies.
  • Steele Bulldogs
    Breeders from central Arkansas show photographs of puppies and parents, pedigrees and their puppy policy plus information on stud service.
  • Sutus Bulldogs
    Breeders from Shropshire, England describe their history and show albums of current and previous studs, dams and puppies.
  • T J English Bulldogs
    Breeders from Mountain Grove, Missouri have photographs of their 'Guys and Girls' and recent puppies.
  • Taggarts Bulldogs
    Hobby breeders from Searcy, Arkansas, display their pictures of puppies and adults. Photos of French bulldogs are also shown.
  • Takamyne Bulldogs
    Breeder from Consett, England presents puppies, parents, and history of bully involvement.
  • Testudo Bulldogs
    Bulldog and puppy pictures from Poland displayed along with pedigrees and purchase instructions.
  • Ti-Son Bulldogs
    Breeder gives tips, puppy buying recommendations, links, and pictures.
  • Tivoli Bulls
    Breeder from Belgium has pictures of champion adults, show results and puppies.
  • TNKBullies
    Breeder displays photos of puppies and puppy parents of miniature and French bulldogs. Email address only.
  • V. I. P. Dog
    Pictures and pedigrees. Pisek, Czech Republic.
  • Van 't Patdana
    Breeder from Gorinchem, The Netherlands shows pictures of puppies and champion adults plus humorous photos.
  • Van Trod Kennel
    Site displays studs, bitches and puppies from Belgium plus news of current events and shows.
  • Viking bulls
    Breeder with exotic animal background from St Jacques Le Mineur, Quebec, Canada displays feline and canine photos.
  • Walker's English Bulldogs
    AKC registered puppies and stud dogs. Photographs and pedigrees. North Georgia.
  • Welcome to TnT English Bulldogs
    Breeder located in South Louisiana shows pictures of recent litters.
  • Wessenhof Bulldogs
    Breeder from Amersfoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa exports puppies. Site displays photos of adults, offspring and c-section.
  • Whispering Pine Bulldogs
    Family breeders from Lockport, New York (near Buffalo) show photographs and pedigrees of their puppies and mamas and papas.
  • Whispering Pines Treasures
    Breeders from Poteau, Oklahoma display their adult bulldogs and available puppies. The site has pedigrees, breed-related information, and links to other resources. They also raise Havanese.
  • White Oak Bulldogs
    Breeders from Hector, Arkansas show photographs of recently whelped and previous puppies plus mamas and papas. They also raise Affenpinschers.
  • Willeys Bulldogs
    Breeders from Anaconda, Montana show photographs of available puppies and their parents.
  • WilSav Bulldogs
    Family breeders from Dartford, Kent, UK, present photographs of their champions and their puppies.
  • Wovoka Bulldogs
    Family breeders from the UK present history of medicine man, Wovoka, and photographs of their bulldogs.
  • Yankee Bulldogs
    Hobby breeders from Providence, Rhode Island with pictures of puppies, adults and philosophy.

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