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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Bull Terrier
Bull Terrier Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Bull Terrier Health Society
    Society is dedicated to the health of the Bull Terrier. Health information provided in form of Web pages or PDF documents.
  • Bull Terrier Information
    Guidance on Bull Terrier breeders, general informational links, rescues, clubs, and pictures of puppies.
  • The Bull Terrier.Com
    Bullie breed and care information, message board, chat, photos and events.
  • The Bullie Bar
    A meeting place for all bull terrier lovers. We actively help 'bullies in need'.
  • Bullterrier
    Detailed breed standard.
  • Action
    Pages for studs and girls, as well as available puppies, news, links and genetics. Located in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Activior
    Kennel History, photos of dogs and pedigrees, puppies and available dogs. Located in the UK
  • Baker Street
    Information on temperament and health, pictures, pedigrees and show results. Located in eastern Pennsylvania.
  • Bedlam
    Pictures, show results and breed information. Located in eastern PA.
  • Betterbrand
    Information on Bull Terriers and breed related topics such as books, clubs, shows, stud dogs and health. Site is in English and Danish.
  • Boromir
    Pictures, pedigrees, show results, links and breed information about Bull Terriers in New Zealand.
  • Bull Lovers
    Kennel history, care tips, show accomplishments, litter announcements and photos. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Bullbreaker
    Photos, litters, breed standard and news. Located in Spain
  • Caliber
    Photos of current dogs, breed FAQ, health, links and latest news. Located in England
  • Cambria Miniature Bull Terriers
    Information on the breed, its History and Health, as well as general information. Located in Washington
  • Corsaire
    Photos, rescue and event information. Kennel located in Marshfield, Mass. USA.
  • El Cornijal
    Standard and Miniatures. Photos of dogs with pedigrees, litter information, videos and photos of champions. Located in Spain
  • Eugene
    Photos, info and pedigrees. Standard & Miniatures located in Korea
  • Jarrogue
    Articles and links regarding the breed, health, rescue, puppies, other breed clubs worldwide, THE BULLY SHOPPE for art, books, jewelry and paraphernalia. Located in California
  • The Joker
    Photos of dogs, with details and pedigrees. Also, actively involved in BSL legislation in Germany.
  • Madcap
    Pictures and information about training Bull Terriers for agility and obedience, puppies and show wins. Located in New Jersey.
  • Seawind
    General breed and health information. Photos of dogs with pedigrees and show results. Puppy information and links. Located in California.
  • Shacadia
    Gallery of photos, pedigrees, pics of current and past puppies, breed info and links. Located in England
  • Skyline
    Kennel and breed history, litter announcements, show accomplishments and photographs. Located in New England.
  • Timar
    Photos of dogs, litters, gallery, links, guestbook and history. Located in Poland
  • Ukusa
    Pictures, pedigrees, litter announcements, and breed information about Bull Terriers in Essex, England, UK.

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