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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Brittany
Brittany Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Brittany Breed Information
    Detailed information, resources, and answers to frequently asked questions on the breed. Photographs of past American Brittany Club national winners, links to regional clubs, and articles on getting started in competition.
  • Ataboy Brittany Kennels
    Breeds for hunting, companion and show. Based in Ontario, Canada. Includes pictures, breed history, recipes, customer comments, and tips for choosing a breeder.
  • Biebel Kennels
    Breeds for foot hunters and family dogs. Puppies, started dogs and finished dogs available. Based in Bowling Green, KY.
  • Britt Haven Kennels
    Breeds Brittanys. Offers Puppies, boarding, breeding, training, and grooming. Has information and pictures. Located in Mahwah, NJ, USA
  • Brownstone
    Breeds for show, field and companion pets. Based in Manchester, New Jersey.
  • Carolina Brittanys
    Breeds Epagneul Breton, French Brittanys for companions, hunting. Based in North Carolina.
  • Chief's Brittanys
    Breeds companion gun dogs. Includes puppy care guidelines, training tips, photos. Based in Cross Plains, Texas.
  • Classic Brittanys
    Breeds for hunting. Includes pictures, breed history. Based in Waterford, Michigan.
  • De L'Hospitalier Kennel
    Breeders of French Brittany Spaniels, d'épagneul breton. Located in Belgium.
  • Falls Brittanys
    Breeds for hunting. Based in Wisconsin.
  • FarOut Fields Brittanys
    Breeds Brittanys. Information on puppies, stud service, boarding & grooming, & Independent Brittany Rescue & Rehabilitation. Based in Florida.
  • Flyin' High Brittanys
    Breeds for show. Site contains photos of past and present dogs. Based in Casper WY.
  • Gourley's Brittanys
    Breeds for show, field and companion pets. Based in Tempe, Arizona.
  • HiddenCreek Brittanys
    Breeder based in Ontario.
  • High Desert Brittanies
    Breeders of quality hunting dogs great temperament, bird desire,to approved homes.
  • Hunrunr Kennels
    Breeder of the versatile French Brittany. Photos, pedigrees, links, faq. Located in Montana.
  • Hunter's Heart Brittanys
    Information about living and working with Brittanys, from hunting and obedience enthusiasts in Western Canada. Accessible to the handicapped.
  • Jayhawker Brittanys
    Breeds for show and hunting. Includes photos and information. Based in Alberta, Canada.
  • Julry Brittany Spaniels
    Breeder with photos of the show dogs.
  • Kartel Kennels
    Breeds American Brittany for Gundog. Based in Maine.
  • Knollbrook Brittanys
    Breeding for temperament, hunting, and show conformation. Standard, photographs, and litter announcements. Corvallis, Oregon.
  • L'Escarbot Kennels
    Breeder and trainer of French Brittany Spaniels.
  • Liberty Brittanys
    Breeds Brittanys. Site includes some pictures and information. Based in Louisville, KY.
  • Mt. View Brittanys
    Breeds for competition in field trials, bench shows, and hunting. History, training tips, and pictures are included. Based in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Mustang Ridge Kennels
    Breeders of Brittanys also professional trainers of gun dogs and amateur-campaigned field trial dogs. Located in OK, USA.
  • N-Vee Brittanys
    Breeds for show. Based in Roanoke, VA, USA
  • Plum Creek's French Brittany Spaniels
    Breeds gun dogs for the foot hunter and companions for the home, European epagneul breton lineages. Located in SD, USA
  • TopperLyn French Brittanys
    Breeds French Brittanys, Epagneul Breton gundogs. Based in Stevensville, MT, USA
  • Vallee de Ponderosa
    Breeds French Brittanys for hunting and companion dog. Based in Ponder Texas.
  • Wind Mountain Kennels
    Breeds for field and show. Site includes contracts, questionnaire. Based in Carson, WA, USA.
  • Wyngold Brittanys
    Breeder of American Brittanys, also Epagneul Breton of imported lines. American, French, and International Champion Stock. Bend, Oregon, USA.

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