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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Border Collie
Border Collie Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • The American Border Collie Network
    Contains information on herding and trials. Also includes a picture gallery and an area for questions and answers.
  • Border Collie Dogs
    Features information about the breed, with breeder and rescue listings.
  • Nice of you to Come Bye
    Features information about herding, sports, health, behavior, and dog names. Also includes the option to download a screen saver.
  • Sims Sheepdog Team
    Herding dog show group that responds to different languages to choreograph movements. Pictures and profiles of the dogs and owners, news and booking details. Staffordshire.
  • Working Border Collie Magazine
    Contains sheep and cattle dog training articles, profiles, features, and news. also includes a breeders directory, sample articles, and subscription prices.
  • Allymoon
    Show results, pictures, pedigrees, and news. Italy.
  • Gingerbell
    Presenting information, pedigrees and photographs of their dogs, and general information on obedience, agility and flyball. Italy.
  • Big Bend Farm
    Training dogs for Canada geese and other nuisance bird control. Includes details of services, news, and litter announcements. Millboro, Virginia.
  • Blue Ridge
    Information about each dog together with photographs. North Carolina.
  • Bonderosa
    Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs, purchasing information, forum, surveys, and links. Hillsdale, Virginia.
  • Celestria
    Raising show and performance dogs. Pictures, pedigrees, puppy care tips, and health information. California.
  • Contact Point
    Specialising in performance sports. Photographs, pedigrees and details of litters for sale.
  • DarnFar Ranch
    Offers herding instruction, trials, and clinics. Photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, schedule of events, and litter announcements. Brownstown, Illinois.
  • Dog4Ewe
    Raising dogs for work. Photographs, pedigrees, and information on their training services. Clay Center, Nebraska.
  • Double H
    Pictures and profiles of their dogs, litter announcements, and a suggested reading list. Texas.
  • Four Aces
    Raising working dogs in Douglas, Wyoming. Photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements.
  • G Force
    Photographs, news, and jokes. Louisiana.
  • Hastings
    Photographs, coat color information, breed description, litter announcements, and advice for new owners. Texas.
  • Hinton's
    Raising working dogs trained with cattle and sheep. Photographs, news, and things to consider before buying a dog. Scottsville, Kentucky.
  • Hit N Heel
    Raising dogs for companion, show, and performance. Pictures, news, and kennel background. Mira Loma, California.
  • Hob Nob
    Raising dogs for all performance events. Show news, photographs, breeding plans, and training information. Riverside, California.
  • Holther
    Dogs for work and show. Photographs, pedigrees, and links. Savannah, Georgia.
  • Kuykendall's
    Presenting their working stock. Photographs, training information, and classes. Franklinville, North Carolina.
  • Lacy's
    Dog pictures and profiles, present and future litter information and pictures, and a reservation form. Includes clinic and trial dates. Virginia.
  • Lock-Eye
    Pictures of dogs, kennel history, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Westville, Oklahoma.
  • Majestic
    Presenting photographs of their dogs participating in conformation, herding and agility. Louisville, Kentuckey.
  • Patriot Kennels
    Photograph and video galleries, news, and pedigrees. Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Peachy Keen
    Profiles and pictures of their dogs, and kennel, rescue and contact information. Virginia.
  • Quail Creek Ranch
    Breeders of working dogs located in Kendrick, Idaho. Photographs of their breeding stock with descriptions.
  • Red Dawn
    Breeding blue, red, black and merle dogs for working homes. Breeding philosophy pedigrees, and pictures of past and present dogs. Plano, Texas.
  • Red Dog Kennels
    Presenting their agility and flyball trained dogs and providing information of litters due.
  • Red Rock Kennels
    Pedigrees and photographs. Cottondale, Florida.
  • Red Sky
    Photographs, breeding schedule, and references.
  • Red Top Working Border Collies
    Information on current working dogs, schedule of training courses and clinics, published articles, breeder's resume of trialling and judging career, and litter announcements. Caldwell, Idaho.
  • Rising Star
    Producing dogs for conformation and sport. Photographs, pedigrees, and health information. East Granby, Connecticut.
  • Rising Sun Farm
    Extensive information on their dogs with pedigrees and photographs. Stacy, Minnesota.
  • Sand Spring
    Raising working dogs from European lines. Pedigrees and photographs. Texas.
  • Seven Links Ranch
    Focused on herding instincts and temperament. Kennel history, photographs, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Blanket, Texas.
  • SheBaa
    Breeding for versatility. Breed description, suggested reading list, training information, rescue information, and breeding plans. Pennsylvania.
  • Solid Rock
    Photographs and news. Kentucky.
  • The Stockdog Exchange
    Photographs of dogs and details of herding courses. Portland, Tennessee.
  • Sun Mountain
    Presenting their dogs with photographs and descriptions. Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Swafford's
    Photographs, pedigrees, news, and rescue information. Portland, Tennessee.
  • Tapfers
    Pictures and profiles of their dogs. Medford, Oregon.
  • Tate Ranch Stock Dogs
    Breeds dogs for cattle ranchers and competitions. Photographs of their dogs at work and news. Seneca, Missouri.
  • Tigking
    Photographs and litter announcements. Tyler, Texas.
  • Tonalee
    Pedigrees, photographs, and a guest book. Charleston, West Virginia.
  • Wildblue
    Raising dogs for show. Photographs and pedigrees. Falcon, Colorado.
  • Wildrose
    Importer and trainer of working dogs. Coat color information, kennel background, and litter announcements.
  • Zen Kennels
    Photographs, breed information, litter announcements, pedigrees, and breed related links. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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