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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Boerboel
Boerboel Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • Boerboel Info
    Information about the BB, forum, galery and much more
  • Pitch's Home
    Information about Pitch, the Boerboel, with photographs and links. In English and Dutch.
  • Select Reserve Boerboels
    Meet Voortrekker Sarah, a boerboel bitch. Her story, blood line and pictures.
  • Accolade Boerboels breeder in the UK
    General information about the Boerboel, breeding stock presentation, litter announcement, contact information.
  • Anasha Boerboels
    Breeding healthy SABT-registered working dogs with good temperament. Photographs, pedigrees, Boerboel breed standard, character, history, care, and links. Denmark.
  • Baden Boerboels
    Breeding for temperament, conformation, and health. Photographs, breed standard, and articles on care, health, training, history, and characteristics. South Africa.
  • Bantam Kennels
    Boerboel and pitbull breeder. Breed information, breeding stock, links. No address specified.
  • Black Mask Boerboels
    Breeder located in Belgium. Breed information, pictures of their breeding stock and litters, results of examinations. In english, dutch and french.
  • Boelsplaas Boerboels.
    Boerboelbreeder in Denmark. Certified by S.A.B.T. Lots of info and pic.
  • Bulie Boerboels
    Boerboel breeders located in Northamptonshire, UK. Breeding stock, puppy announcement and links
  • Bullet Boerboel Breeders
    Breeder from South Africa, SABT-member. Pictures of breeding stock, FAQ, puppy and feeding help, breed standard, litter announcement and contact information.
  • Castle Inu Boerboel
    Castle Inu Boerboel Breeding Kennel situated in the western United States. Puppy announcement, history, pictorial history, photo gallery.
  • Celtic Connection Boerboels
    Boerboel Breeder in Wales UK. Puppy announcement, links, breeding stock and contact information.
  • Centurion South African Boerboels
    Boerboel breeder located in Georgia. Breeding stock presentation, pictures, SABT registered stock
  • Desert Sky Boerboels
    Breeder in Southwest United States. Boerboel history, pictures of breed stock, litter announcement, breed info and contact information.
  • Dopper Boerboele
    Breeder of boerboel dogs of South Africa since 1983. Their aim is to build out the reputation of this dog around the world.
  • Dynasty South African Boerboels
    Boerboel breeders situated in Ohia, USA. Breeding stock presentation, photo gallery, litter announcement and contact information.
  • Groot Trek Boerboele
    SABT Registered Boerboel breeder in Florida, USA. Puppies, information, and photos.
  • Immer Moed Boerboels breeder in the Netherlands
    Breeder of the South African Boerboel. Contact information and some pictures.
  • Induna Boerboels
    Kennel and breed history, litter announcements and photographs. Located in South Africa.
  • La Ferme Boerboel
    Family breeder of Boerboels. Situated in St-Jude - Quebec, Canada. Information about their dogs, contact information, links.
  • Mauzer Boerboel
    South African breeder. Breed standard, photo gallery and health care. Tips for selecting the right dog for you. In english.
  • Moon Mountain Ranch
    South African Boerboel breeder situated in Spokane, Wa. Contact information, boerboel information, pictures
  • Northern Boerboels
    Breeder of SABT boerboels situated in Canada. Guarantee, presentation of breeding stock, contact info, pictures, mission.
  • Oak View Kennel
    United States Boerboel breeder. Kennel and breed information, litter announcements and photos.
  • Pancer Boerboel Sweden
    Pancer Boerboel SABT breeder from sweden. News, boerboel history, pictures of breeding stock, contact info, puppy announcement.
  • Rocking H Ranch
    Boerboel breeder. Situated in Florida, US.
  • Silver Creek Boerboels
    Boerboel Breeder located in the midwest United States. Boerboel information, breeding stock information, litter announcement, and contact information.
  • SteelRidge Boerboels
    Boerboel breeder from Canada, Southern Ontario. Information about imports, puppies, trained young adults. Contact information and pictures.
  • Stone Barn Kennels, breeder of the South African Boerboel and the Cane Corso
    Stone Barn Kennels, breeder of the South African Boerboel and the Cane Corso for family companions, protection and show dogs. Litter announcement, breeding stock presentation, contact information.
  • Welcome to Sandaharr K-9's
    Small family run kennel with Akitas and Boerboels. Breeds occasionally, liaison officer for Samba Global for Great Britain and Ireland.

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