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Basenji Dog Breeds and Breeders
  • The Basenji Online
    Breed magazine with articles and photos, for fanciers worldwide.
    Source for breed information and links, focusing on rescue and education.
  • Mafaili Ya Basenji
    Large directory of breed related sites.
  • Abuluka
    Show results, photos, breeding plans, puppy updates. Located in Belgium.
  • AdventureLand
    Photos of champions, young hopefuls, and lure coursers. Planned litter announcement.
  • Ahmahr Nahr
    Located in New Mexico. FAQ, available puppies, photographs, pedigrees, and links.
  • Ankhu
    Brief breed description, pedigrees of the dogs, as well as candid and show photos. Located in Minnesota.
  • Basenjiwest
    Photographs of their dogs with puppy care information. California.
  • Brassica
    Breed information, photos, and the Steiff toy.
  • Bushwacker
    Breed information, photos and stories of the dogs, and an explanation of the raw diet. Located in Great Britain.
  • Calypso Basenjis
    Candid and show photos of the dogs. Information on care, training and planned litters. Located in North Carolina.
  • Candu
    Kennel background, photographs, and links. Monroe, Georgia.
  • Eldorado
    Photos of the dogs, with pedigrees. Includes African stock. Located in Massachusetts.
  • Farouk
    Breed info, photos, our breeding philosophy and upcoming litter info. Located in Rio Rancho, NM.
  • Hicotn
    Photos and stories of the dogs. Also has Standard Schnauzers and custom embroidery. Located in Ohio
  • Keltwyn
    Kennel history, photos of the dogs, and breeding and showing accomplishments. Located in Minnesota.
  • Northwest Connection
    Information on Baru, Jumoke, and Quita Kennels. Located in Washington.
  • Precious Pet Biz
    Georgia State Licensed breeder in business with 4 males and 9 breeding females. Also has Bassett Hound litters.
  • Premier
    Breed information, photos, and links. Located in Ontario, Canada.
  • Sienna
    Stories, pictures, and pedigrees of the dogs. Located in Marietta, Georgia.
  • Tanza
    Kennel history and philosophy, lure coursing and show ring successes with photos, and breed information. Includes health concerns and questions to determine if this is the breed for you. Located in Pleasanton, California.
  • Voyuz
    Photos of the dogs and an article on Fanconi Syndrome.
  • Windjammer
    Raising dogs for pet and show. Pictures and show news. Georgia and Alabama.
  • Zande Basenjis
    Basenji ownership articles, photographs, show results,

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