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You are here : Home > Dog Breeds and Breeders > Akita > Breeders
Akita Dog Breeders
  • Aikido
    Small hobby kennel located in Florida. Pictures and a few links.
  • Akakuro Akita-Inu UK
    United Kingdom. Features Japanese Akitas. Includes breeders background, history, pictures and some links.
  • Akita Inu of Ikenohatade
    Breeder of Japanese type Akitas located in France. Pictures and pedigree information of their dogs.
  • Akitahaven Kennels
    Australia. Breeder providing information on litters, pedigree, history, and standard.
  • Akitas by Denali
    Large site with many links, breed information, and pedigree research.
  • Ali'i Alaskan Inu Kennels
    Features the kennels Akitas and Dachshunds. Provides pedigrees, breed standards, show results, resources, and contact information. [Alaska]
  • Belmarta Akitas
    Family kennel based in U.K. Akita photographs and information.
  • Calridian
    Show kennel based in the Northwest of the UK. New, available puppies, and links.
  • Champernoune Akitas
    Small show orientated kennel breeding American Akitas located in France.
  • Cheran Kennels
    Features Akitas and Neapolitan Mastiffs, includes breed information, training, photographs, puppy pictures, standards, and FAQ. Show kennels located in the United Kingdom.
  • Chereed Akitas
    Oklahoma breeder who has produced over 50 champions.
  • Crystal Lake Akitas
    Breeder of Akitas located around Orlando and Lake Hamilton, Florida. Pictures of their dogs.
  • Dayami Akitas
    Akita breeder in the UK.
  • Dusty Skies Akitas
    Information about Akitas, owning your first Akita, links to other Akita sites, the breed standard and more. Shows pictures of their dogs. This kennel is located in Arizona.
  • Eclipse Akitas
    Breeder located in New Jersey
  • Excel Shu-Ku Akitas
    Akita information, champions, showdogs, puppies and adults.
  • Goodomen Akitas
    Breeder of Akitas since 1987. NSW Australia.
  • Hanko Akitas
    Breeder of Japanese style Akitas. Blending import and domestic bloodlines.
  • Hinode Karea
    Breeder of Akita-inu in Belgium.
  • Hoka-Hey American Akitas
    Breeder of show and companion Akitas located in Oregon.
  • Itoku Akitas
    Small kennel dedicated to the Japanese style Akita in California.
  • JB's Akita Dogs
    Akita rescue, training, health, chat and the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston.
  • Jedisty Akitas
    Breeder located in the United Kingdom providing history, pictures, standard, and contact information.
  • Kari-On Akitas
    Southern California breeder.
  • Kaydanmy Akitas
    Breeder in the UK. A few pictures of their dogs with some pedigree information.
  • Kenjo Akitas
    Pictures, temperament, dog shows, web cam and links are offered. Will answer questions about Akitas.
  • KevCin Akita Kennel
    Breeder located in Texas.
  • Kiowa Akitas
    Breeder in Colorado. Nice puppy evaluation form.
  • Kira Shira Akitas
    Akita breeder in Washington state. Pictures and pedigrees of their dogs.
  • Kitsune Akitas
    Breeder in the heart of Yorkshire.
  • Kumo-Ko Akitas
    Breeder in Northern California with champion AKC CKC Akitas.
  • LiRic Akitas
    Breeder located in Tyler, Texas. Pictures and pedigree information of their dogs. Accomplishments in the show ring and a few informative links.
  • LoPat Akitas
    A small kennel located in Ohio, showing and breeding Akitas for 15 years
  • Marburger Kennels
    North Caroliana breeder of pet Akitas
  • Mariah Akitas
    Breeder of show and companion Akitas located in Indiana
  • MIAKEETA Akita-Inu & Great Japanese Dogs
    Breeder of Akita-inu and Great Japanese Dogsb Based in Essex in the UK
  • Millbuis Akitas
    Akita Kennel in the UK
  • Minda Akitas
    California breeder. Pictures and stories about their dogs including show wins.
  • MoJo Akitas
    Breeder located in Redwood City California
  • Moonlight Akita
    Breeder located in New Mexico. Many beautiful pictures, Akita information and links to other sites.
  • Noble House Akitas
    Kennel located in Ohio
  • Noble Rise Akitas
    Breeder located in Carleton Place, Ontario. Pictures of their dogs.
  • North Bay
    Gives owner background and kennel information. Pictures and pedigrees. Located in San Francisco Bay area.
  • Northbridge Akitas
    Located in the United States with pages on nutrition, health and showing. Photos and pedigrees of all theirr dogs.
  • Nutmeg Akitas
    Breeders of show and companion American Akitas. Pedigrees, pictures and links.
  • OPR Akitas & Shiba Inu
    Breeder located in Oklahoma.
  • Oxbau Akitas
    Louisiana small homebased breeder of show/companion American akitas. Pictures of their dogs. Some,breed and,rescue info.
  • PolarBlu Akitas
    Breeder of Akitas in Idaho.
  • Pyramid Akitas
    Breeder of Akitas in obeidience, agility, conformation, and nursing home therapy with photos. Located in Memphis, TN.
  • Radiant Akitas & Shibas
    Breeder in Oklahoma. Pictures of their dogs.
  • Rimrock Akitas
    Breeder in North Idaho. Pictures of their dogs.
  • Samkitas
    Breeder located in Washington State.
  • Scioto Bluff Akitas
    Breeder of show and pet Akitas located in Arkansas.
  • Seaisland Akitas
    Breeder located in British Columbia, Canada. Site includes dog profiles, with photos.
  • Shiojiri Akitas
    Akita breeder in Indiana. Puppies and adult Akitas selectively bred for temperament, health and type.
  • Shirayuki-Hime Akitas
    Breeder of pure Japanese Akitas in the Netherlands.
  • Shobo Akitas
    Akita Breeder in Wisconsin.
  • shugotenshi akita-inu
    Breeder of Japanese style Akitas in the UK. Pictures, pedigree, some history and a links.
  • SkyLine Akitas
    Akita lover and exhibitor located in Chicago. Pictures of her dogs and future plans to become a breeder.
  • Slipnot Akitas
    Located in Kansas. Pictures and information about their dogs.
  • Sol Levante Kennel
    Akita-inu breeder in Italy
  • Stardust Akitas and Rhodesian Ridgebacks
    Breeder of Akitas and Rhodesian Ridgebacks located in Texas.
  • Starfield Akitas
    Breeders of Japanese type Akitas located in Virginia. Pictures of their imported dogs, breeding philosophy and a few links.
  • Stejen Akitas
    Small kennel located in MN, USA.
  • Summit Akitas
    Breeder of Akitas located in Universal City, Texas. Pictures, show, and rescue information included.
  • Sunapee Akitas
    Breeder in Michigan. Rescue information, natural rearing and raw feeding information.
  • SunoJo Akitas
    Pictures and information on breeding program for both Akita and Shiba Inu dogs. Puppies occasionally with stud service on limited basis. Located in Canada.
  • Teddikuma Akitas
    Akita breeder based in Sydney, Australia.
  • TimberSky Akitas
    Breeder of show dogs and companions located in South Dakota
  • Toyo Akitas
    Breeder of Show and Companion Akitas since 1989.Located in South Mississippi.
  • Tycon Japanese Akitas
    Breeders and exhibitors of the Japanese type Akita. Located in South Wales, UK.
  • Valamar Akitas
    Located in region of Ontario, Canada. Pictures of their dogs.
  • White Eagle Akitas
    A small kennel breeding for good temperament, health and conformation. Located in Colorado.
  • Whitewreath Kennels
    Small show kennel based in Elgin Scotland, also breeder of the Japanese Akita
  • Windjameer Akitas
    Located in Maryland. Information about and photos of their dogs.

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